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The demand for healthcare professionals is increasing all the time. In this rapidly growing field, highly trained and skilled medical workers are more important than ever. At tandvfb.com Medical & Dental School, we can help you on the path to a better future with our Certified Medical Assistant program and Medical & Dental Administrative Assistant program. These two programs offer credentials from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in a variety of important healthcare roles.

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Benefits of NHA Certification

tandvfb.com Medical & Dental School is proud to offer NHA certifications as part of our programs. Trusted by employers across the country, these certifications are an indication of the quality of education in the healthcare field.


Watch this video from the NHA on the Value of Certification featuring tandvfb.com Medical & Dental School President Frank Preston!

“At NHA, certification is much more than a piece of paper. Our goal is to make NHA certifications one of the most trusted and valued credentials in the industry. We work to accomplish this by constantly reviewing and improving our preparation materials and testing standards.

When individuals receive credentials from NHA, employers will know they have completed meaningful and rigorous work, potentially positioning them ahead of others.”

Benefits of NHA certifications for our students include:

Wide Recognition – Many employers require their employees to be certified from an accredited certifying body such as NHA, especially those with multiple credentials.

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Better Job Prospects – NHA credentials obtained through our training programs will prepare you for and may increase your chances of being hired. Even if the position you applied for is filled, employers may find another position that you are qualified for.Shows Investment in Field – By taking the time to go through the NHA credentialing process, you demonstrate a level of commitment to your field that will set you apart from the average healthcare worker. It shows career oriented action that employers will recognize.

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We are proud to report that tandvfb.com Medical & Dental School students have a 93% pass rate* on National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Exams! Read on to learn more about the NHA certifications offered in our programs.

Certified Medical Assistant Program

Our Certified Medical Assistant program offers NHA approved training and experience as a Certified Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, EKG technician and Patient Care Technician. This program offers the following NHA certifications:

Medical & Dental Administrative Assistant Program

The Medical & Dental Administrative Assistant program prepares students for a career as an administrative assistant, electronic health records specialist, and billing and coding specialist in either a medical or dental ftandvfb.comlity. This program offers the following NHA credentials:

Want to Be NHA Certified?

If you are interested in learning how NHA credentials can you help you get a job in the medical or dental field, Contact tandvfb.com Medical & Dental School today to learn more about our programs and get started on an exciting new career!

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