Tập Gym 25 Fit Là Sự Thật? 25 Fit Áp Dụng Mô Hình Tập Gym Bằng Công Nghệ

am interested in my health and body shape. My shedule is really tight, though I love praticing. I got personal training at home before, but I didnt find a fit schedule. Therefore, 25 FIT”s service suits me. I really love 25 FIT

Truc Truong Thanh

Hey, new motivation to go to gym !!!! Today I experience new technology in gym (many famous peoples need to loss a fast weight to enter a new role, all use this “assistant”). Actually, my friend introduces and we join in.

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What? How? Wearing the “vest” to follow the instructions of the Personal Coach, activate the electrical pulse, for maximum efficiency. What is the important thing to say? Only 25 minutes – lightning fast – was able to burn nearly 1200 calories, only 2 sessions a week !! And there is no need to carry and worry about Gym Clothes and shoes.

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Join with me to have a healthy life.

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Nancy Le

After a few weeks of trying EMS, I like this technology, it’s only 25 minutes of practice, unlike the 1-2 hour in traditional gym. At 25 FIT, everything is carefully prepared and handy, from the Pre work out drink, towels, water. Every time I go to practice, I don”t need to bring anything, just take my free time to visit. For 20 minutes with an EMS machine, muscle groups were affected, after a workout felt quite as tired as a full body workout. After the training session, the body is still in a state of fat burning, so after a few days, it feels like the abdomen is compact, so is the limb. With 25 minutes, burning 1,200 calories is really good. Besides that, everything is convenient, quick, and effective, which is the most I like when practicing at 25 FIT.


Lose Weight and Fat Quickly


Get in Great Shape


Boost Health and Stamina

25 FIT Only 25’ workout, 1-2 times/week Much faster results in fat loss Simple exercises Full body muscle activation Zero risk of injury Back, shoulder, neck pain relief
Traditional Gym

60″ workout, 3-4 times/week Slow results in fat loss Weight training, stress on joints 1-2 muscle groups activation Risk of muscle injury No pain relief

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